Frequently asked questions (or questions you should have asked)

Here's some background info on the 2012 London Olympics per-capita medal table and the the 2012 London Paralympics per-capita medal table.

Why did you do this?

Partly because I think it's a fairer way of presenting the results, and partly in the hope that it would annoy an Australian friend of mine.

Did you draw the flags? Where did you get them from?

They're pretty good, aren't they? I didn't draw them — they were created by the talented Mark James.

Why is it out of date? [Favourite country]'s results are wrong!

Updating the table is a mostly-manual process (there's no decent feed of medal results) and I have a life that gets in the way of this sort of thing. I try to update the table twice daily while the games are on. Please let me know if you spot something wrong.

Why don't you show the total number of medals, as well as the number of gold/silver/bronze?

I tried that, but it just made the table way too cluttered. I think that sort of data belongs in a separate table (and in fact other people are doing just that). It's not too hard to do the sums in your head.

How are the data sorted?

By per-capita gold, then silver, then bronze.

The site's pretty plain and ugly, isn't it?

Yes, it is. I have no artistic talent at all. If you reckon you can do better, please get in touch with me.

Can I sponsor the site and/or advertise on here?

I don't have any money, and wouldn't know what to do with money if I had it. So thanks for the offer, but no.

Wouldn't medals/GDP be better?

Maybe. I couldn't care less about economics, so really can't be bothered considering such ideas. Feel free to throw the data together yourself.

I have a suggestion to make the site better.

That's not a question.

How can I tell you about my suggestion to make the site better?

Email me.

Where's the data?

Here's the Olympics and the Paralympics data.